Aaron Aldridge RM 211

Fun Facts!

My happy place is Canada with my wife (Liz) and my dog (Kaia). I've been up to Canada 6 times in the past year for some top notch fishing and relaxation. When I'm not up north, I'm getting together with friends and family and packing as much into my free time as possible.

I've also been experimenting with making salsa and hot sauces. This past summer, I grew the world's hottest pepper (the Carolina Reaper), and 15 other hot chili varieties.

Messages & More

Mr. Aldridge:

Science is one of the most challenging subjects to study, because it is always changing. This year we will focus on practicing good scientific techniques, and meeting those challenges head on coming out on top. 6th grade will be focused on physical science, which will be very centered on investigations.

7th grade will be studying life science, and diving deep into interactions within and among living things.

For More Practice

This year, students will have online access to our Pearson science curriculum. You should paper instructions on how to access the online content during your child's term 1 science class. If you have any issues, please email me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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